Friday, November 10, 2006

They make my day..literally

Today's been a good for me ,just before the Jumma prayer ,Dr.Ezzedain called me over the phone , he asked me to call Joanne freeman , wakefeild hospital medical personnel staff ,and so I did , she didn't anwser immediately as I have to leave her two messages -apparently, she was out on her lunch break , any how , she finally anwsered and told to e-mail her my CV and she will get back to me soon , hopefully..

one other thing is still keeping me busy , my freind Soliman had me involved in his frantic search for graduate work in over 30 major companies , applying here and there , filling up applications and sending cover letters , you know , that kind of crap he has to do anyway , but not me !!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

My freind Yousif...

He's Libyan , 30yrs ,single , and he's from Tripoli "ben Gasheer " , He's working in as construction consultant in building project in Coventry , we went togather to Leamington park , it's incredibly extraordinary day , "unfortunately we forget the camera!",but here is some of Yousif photos
his photo wating tele & chilling

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Funny freind !!

my freind is a funny strange guy. he looks absurd and naive , though he's cunningly smart . he studied in Birmingham & in London for queit a time .. you've got to know him well to really understand his love for controversy. he is a pointless debate lover..

Good Morning

good morning everybody, it's a new day ! , let's get our hopes up and pray for the best to happen , I'll go to city centre , and I'll try to visit few Hospitals , wish me luck !!


welcome to pleasurdom !!


finally I could see the latest photos of my Benghazi, the bride of the sea

please everybody , feel free to write whatever
you like , don't hesitate .
I'll be waiting..

THE Mighty Eclipse

THE Mighty Eclipse, it happened in Libyan desert in 2006.

look at Libya , ISN'T she Something..!!??

My country ,My dear city ,Benghazi

this is my dearest city , not the most beautiful one the world ,but to me it is the most heart-warmed one with very nice people


this is my country's flag ,strange ,but striking..