Sunday, December 24, 2006

Ring faucet is about experiencing water in a whole new way in our daily lives --to rediscover the awe-inspiring beauty of water in a small home faucet. This unique faucet visually frames flowing water in a circular fashion, giving you a full view of the water just as it falls over the edge.The opening orifice at the spout end lets in natural light which illuminates the flowing water for a striking view. Water is ‘reinstated' as a precious element, like a fine diamond. The external form is simple and pure, as befits a faucet that is meant to emphasize the elemental beauty of water. The simple form allows the design to be easily translated into a series of faucets that cater to different settings and requirements. While the design is novel in terms of aesthetics, the sense of comfort in using a familiar domestic fitting is not lost as the faucet is designed to adopt the conventional interface of the hot and cold -handles basin mixer. Moreover, this tripartite arrangement fits in well with large basins and/or vanity tops.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Libyan Guy thinking !

This cartoon shows a libyan terrified by all these question marks attacking him while he tries furiously to keep them out !

Friday, December 01, 2006

American Pie... The Truth

one of the best songs ever, By the magical Don Mclean who perfectly perform it , unlike the fake song by Madonna !

Friday, November 10, 2006

They make my day..literally

Today's been a good for me ,just before the Jumma prayer ,Dr.Ezzedain called me over the phone , he asked me to call Joanne freeman , wakefeild hospital medical personnel staff ,and so I did , she didn't anwser immediately as I have to leave her two messages -apparently, she was out on her lunch break , any how , she finally anwsered and told to e-mail her my CV and she will get back to me soon , hopefully..

one other thing is still keeping me busy , my freind Soliman had me involved in his frantic search for graduate work in over 30 major companies , applying here and there , filling up applications and sending cover letters , you know , that kind of crap he has to do anyway , but not me !!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

My freind Yousif...

He's Libyan , 30yrs ,single , and he's from Tripoli "ben Gasheer " , He's working in as construction consultant in building project in Coventry , we went togather to Leamington park , it's incredibly extraordinary day , "unfortunately we forget the camera!",but here is some of Yousif photos
his photo wating tele & chilling